Saturday, February 26, 2011


Background: Hayley, a convicted mass murderer after intentionally poisoning several children at the day care she worked at and also killing a female guard on her first attempted prison break, is one of the youngest females ever to be sentenced to life in prison. Jermaine is a veteran officer who has a soft spot for Hayley, believing that she can repent and lead a normal life. On the first day of Hayley's relocation to a secure underground cell, Jermaine comes to visit.

Hayley: Why hello there, cowboy. What brings you down here, thirsting for some pussy?
Jermaine: I'm still shocked at how the state system allows you to dress like that. You would think there's some kind of dress code.

Hayley: How do I look baby? Like a lady who is doomed in jail for eternity?
Jermaine: Look, Hayley. You're only 21 years old. You have an entire life ahead of you. I know you've had a messed up childhood, and you think the world is out to get you. But why just--
Hayley: A messed up childhood? My daddy fucked me every night he came back from work while mommy watched. I don't think you know what messed up means, sir.
Jermaine: What I'm trying to say is, there's still a chance for you out of this. You're smart, beautiful--
Hayley: Oh, and you're some black knight who will save me, is that it? We both know why you're really down here with me, cutie. You want me for sex, like every other man in the world. I did those kids a favor, did you know that? I put them down early so they won't have to endure this fucking world.
Jermaine: Alright, look. I'm not saying what you did isn't completely unjustified. But there are a lot of good people in this world. And I think--
Hayley: You think I could be a good person, right? Let me ask you something, sir. Do good people kill their fathers in their sleep, and then stab their mothers repeatedly until they bleed to death?
Jermaine: No, but...
Hayley: I was already given another chance before. They thought I could be normal again if I worked at a daycare, with loving and innocent children. But they're wrong. I can never be normal. I'm as twisted as they come, and I love it.
Jermaine: I don't know what to say, Hayley...

Hayley: Don't say anything at all, it's okay. I'll do this favor for you, maybe...let's say once a month. And get over yourself, it's not because you're handsome or kind or anything. I'm just...bored. And I have absolutely nothing, no lose.
Jermaine: ...
Hayley: You're sweating like a stallion, Jermaine. Tell me what you want. Do you want me to get on my knees and suck your cock?
Jermaine: ...Yeah I...I want you to do what your dad forced you to do every night...before you killed him.
Hayley: Mmm...yeah...okay.

Hayley: Daddy, I was good in school today. If I'm good enough tonight, will you please not beat mommy?
Jermaine: Uhh, uhm, sure sweetheart.
Hayley: Daddy wouldn't say that. He would've slapped me.
Jermaine: Uh huh... *takes off uniform*
Hayley: Do I look good Daddy? I'm wearing the new lingerie you bought me for my birthday.
Jermaine: You look gorgeous, girl.

Hayley: Your cock is so big today must have worked hard today.
Jermaine: Suck my cock girl. Go on.

Hayley: Mmmph...
Jermaine: Ohhh yeah, good girl.

Jermaine: Suck those chocolate balls girl.
Hayley: Mmm...

Hayley: Wha...mmm...

Hayley: I've never been kissed before...well except for my father...
Jermaine: Hayley, you are the most beautiful and perfect woman I have ever met.
Hayley: ...You're just saying that. You're not different from any other man.
Jermaine: No, I mean it. Hayley...there's been rumors. The parents of the daycare, they're signing a petition to have you executed by the end of this year.
Hayley: ...Oh. Well I guess I had it coming.

Jermaine: Hayley...when was the last time you had sex?
Hayley: ...Why? Was I not good for you?
Jermaine: No, baby you were incredible with your mouth. I'm just...wondering.
Hayley: was two years ago.
Jermaine: Can you tell me about it?
Hayley: Umm, okay. After they sent me to the daycare center, there was this guy who tried really hard to hit on me. He was kind of cute, I guess.
But I knew he wasn't in it for love. I mean, who would love a fucked up girl like me?
Jermaine: Did you do him?
Hayley: No. One night I came to the place and...let the janitor fuck me. In the bathroom, doggystyle and everything. And I videotaped it. Then I showed it to him, the guy I mean.
Jermaine: ...
Hayley: He couldn't believe it. He called me a delusional psychopath, a worthless skank. I just...laughed.

Jermaine: So have you done any...normal guys? Like guys your age?
Hayley: No. Dad threatened to kill me and mom if I tried. One time I brought a guy home, just to help me study.
Jermaine: It's okay, you can tell me.

Hayley: That night he found out about it. He took out his gun, loaded it, and shoved it in my...he said if I did anything like it again he would pull the trigger.
Jermaine: So...the only people you have actually had sex with was your father and some random janitor? You've never had sex for personal pleasure?
Hayley: ...Yeah. So are you going to fuck me or just take off my clothes? I'm starting to get bored.
Jermaine: Slow down, girl, it's always better when it's slow.

Hayley: Can I tell you a secret?
Jermaine: What is it, darling?
Hayley: I have never seen anyone's cock as big as yours, sir. Are you going to make me cum?
Jermaine: Girl, I'm about to show you the time of your life.

Hayley: Ahh! It feels so big...
Jermaine: Ohh yeah that's a tight pussy.

Hayley: Fuck the shit out of me daddy, I deserve it.
Jermaine: Oh I'm going to fuck your lights out, bitch.

Hayley: Ahhh! More!

Hayley: Uhnn!

Hayley: Are you done? I was just starting to have fun too...
Jermaine: Just taking a quick break, pretty. Now let's talk more about your life. Have you ever loved anyone before?
Hayley: ...Was I not good enough for you? Don't ask me these stupid questions.
Jermaine: Come on, girl, I'm just making conversation. It's just a simple question. What do you have to lose? 
Hayley: ...Alright...I once loved my mother. She used to hug me every morning before sending me off to school. Reassure me that everything will turn out okay, even though it wasn't going to. Then...

Jermaine: It's okay. Come on girl...
Hayley: It's nothing, I'm not crying, okay?
Jermaine: It's okay, do you want to put on your clothes? We can continue--
Hayley: No. I'm's fine.
Jermaine: You sure?
Hayley: anyway. Then one day my dad come home really late. Mom and I stayed up waiting for him, but we figured he wasn't going to come back that night. So we went off to sleep.  When he did come back, he was furious. He thought it would be entertaining to watch us have sex.
Jermaine: You mean...
Hayley: He forced us to start making out in front of him. And then he forced my mom to sodomize me with the end of a rake. After that stopped hugging me. She wouldn't even look at me...
Jermaine: Hayley...that's terrible...
Hayley: So I killed her too. The end.
Jermaine: ...
Jermaine: Is that one of your mother's earrings you're wearing?
Hayley: ...Yeah.
Jermaine: What about that band around your neck?
Hayley: ...A boy at the daycare made it for me. The day before I killed them.

Hayley: Well then, now you know everything about me. Weren't you going to finish me off?
Jermaine: Hayley...I know now that you're a good person. Just your eyes tell me as much.
Hayley: Haha, you're wrong. Looks can be deceiving, you know? I'm a baad girl. And you know what to do with bad girls.

Hayley: Oh God...fill me up...

Jermaine: Ride it like a saddle, girl.
Hayley: Ohh...

Hayley: Hey you want anal?
Jermaine: W-what?
Hayley: Just wondering. My dad loved my it, so...
Jermaine: Oh, I love anal girl.

Jermaine: That is a tight asshole, girl.
Hayley: I'm sure you can still fit...

Jermaine: Ahh...ohh yeah...take it bitch, take it.

Jermaine: Lick it clean, bitch.
Hayley: Mmm...

Hayley: You were great, mister officer. I guess I'm your little fuck toy now.
Jermaine: Hayley, there's still a chance. Just...apologize to them.
Hayley: Haha. Apologize for what? For doing them a favor?
Jermaine: Hayley...I want to help you. There are good people in this world.
Hayley: ...Whatever. Goodbye sir, see you next month, same time?
Jermaine: ...bye, Hayley.

Hayley: Mom...I miss you...why did it have to be like this?

Hayley: Oh my God...I'm going to die...what have I done?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Random Beach Pics

These are the most recent pics I have done, somewhat influenced by the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition.

Lost Model

This was the last series I worked on before I stopped. It just got a little too dark for my taste.