Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Last Ninja

The Last Ninja

Background - At the height of Western expansion, the way of the Japanese ninja had become a thing of the past. 
A massive influx of projectile firearms had rendered hand-to-hand combat obsolete, and only a few remaining proud ninja families were left.
An American physician skilled in the arts of fighting desired to sparse and defeat these few remaining ninja, in order to show them that they were nothing special.
Known as Uncle Albert and already having humiliated several families and bringing shame to the Japanese people, he came across a rural town whose one ninja master was rumored to be old and dying.
Amusedly disappointed, he started to leave.
However, the old ninja master's lone young apprentice, Sayaka, had a different idea: to avenge her people and bring about justice to the American pig.

Uncle Albert: Oh, what's this? Are you a little lost my dear?
Sayaka: I know of your dishonorable ways. You go from town to town, humiliating my people. This will end now.
Uncle Albert: Hah. And you're going to stop me, is that it?
Sayaka: Yes. You know nothing of our ways, of honor and virtue, of peace and order. All you Americans want is money and superiority. My master may be unable to fight, but I will bring you down in his place. And when I defeat you, you will leave my country and never come back ever again!
Uncle Albert: Ah. Very well then. But if you're going to make demands, then I also have a simple request. If I win, you will unconditionally submit to me as your new master.
Sayaka: ...
Uncle Albert: Come on, what's the matter? Afraid of losing? Does that not bring your people shame?
Sayaka: ...Very well. Let's agree to the terms the traditional way.

Sayaka: May the best fighter win.
Uncle Albert: Yes, may HE win.

Sayaka: (I mustn't make a mistake. Concentrate, Sayaka!)
Uncle Albert: (This is going to be fun!)

Sayaka: Hiyaa!
Uncle Albert: Too predictable!

Uncle Albert: Gotcha!
Sayaka: Huh?!!

Sayaka: Ahh!

Uncle Albert: Give up yet?
Sayaka: Never! I would rather die than surrender to you.

Sayaka: (He has quick reflexes. But maybe I can use it to my advantage...what would Sensei do?)
Uncle Albert: Bring it!

Uncle Albert: Oof!
Sayaka: Take that you American pig!

Sayaka: (And now to break his neck...what??)
Uncle Albert: you now!

Uncle Albert: Take a deep one in the guts!
Sayaka: Uhnnn!

Sayaka: Ahhh! My ankle!
Uncle Albert: As a former physician, I understand the perfect threshold for pain on every part in the human body. If you do not surrender to me, I will ensure you suffer the most painful death imaginable.

Uncle Albert: Surrender now! Or I will break your ankle and then every limb in your body starting with your left leg.
Sayaka: AHHH...noo...please!! I surrender!

Uncle Albert: Well, say hello to your new master.
Sayaka: Fuck you! I will never call you master you digusting pig!
Uncle Albert: Now, now. I would be careful not to dishonor the rules of our agreement. You agreed to this with your soul. Is it not the Japanese way to honor any agreement once it is made?
Sayaka: ...
Uncle Albert: If you do not uphold your own traditions, would that not upset your ancestors in the after-life?
Sayaka: ...Yes...master.
Uncle Albert: Good. Now I order to submit to me in the traditional way of a woman.
Sayaka: ....Yes, master.

Uncle Albert: That's more like it. Now embrace your American master's manhood.
Sayaka: ...

Sayaka: Mmmph...
Uncle Albert: Ohh yeah...good girl

Sayaka: Ahh...what?
Uncle Albert: I think you need some discipline. Bring me some shibari rope.
Sayaka: What?! No! Please, master!
Uncle Albert: Do as I say!
Sayaka: ...Yes, master.

Sayaka:'s too tight, master...
Uncle Albert: This is for your own good, slave.

Uncle Albert: Mmm...these are some cute nipples
Sayaka: ...

Uncle Albert: With discipline comes respect for your new master. You understand, don't you?
Sayaka: No...please, don't do this master...

Sayaka: Khhh...can't breathe...
Uncle Albert: Who's your master, slave?
Sayaka: are...

Uncle Albert: That's right, take it!
Sayaka: Mmmm...


Uncle Albert: Impale yourself on my manhood!
sayaka: Ahhh it's too big!

Sayaka: Ahhh it hurts!
Uncle Albert: Oh yeah that's a tight vessel...

Sayaka: Ohh...fuck me master...
Uncle Albert: This is oriental girls are so tight!

Sayaka: Ohh...ohh...
Uncle Albert: Good girl...

Sayaka: I submit to you fully, master.
Uncle Albert: *spank* Louder! 

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