Saturday, March 19, 2011


Background: Lucia, a new spy hired by a powerful weapons organization, has been sent on a reconnaisance mission to find out what goes on inside an obscure factory owned by their main rival and competitor. Sneaking into a ventilation shaft one night, she was oblivious to the microscopic video cameras tracking her every movement. By releasing smoke into the shaft, the guards quickly forced her out and captured her, bringing her to their leader Zaham for questioning.

Zaham: Well well, looks like we found a rat in the airshaft.
Elena: Look sir, I'm not going to hide anything from you. My name is Elena and I was hired by Interpol to find out what you have been doing in this place. All you have to do is let me call them and they will compensate you handsomely in return for me. Please, unbind me.
Zaham: Ah, Elena. That is a lovely name. But I am afraid I cannot let you go just yet, Elena. Now let us see what is behind that mask.

Elena: No, wait...
Zaham: Quite a lovely young face. How old are you, Elena?
Elena: I...I'm 24. This is my first year with Interpol. Please, you have to let me go...
Zaham: So your Interpol is so desperate now that it has to hire young women to do their dirty work. Did you just get out of college?
Elena: Yes...please, sir, you have to let me go. I mean no harm, they just sent me here...I just got engaged a month ago.
Zaham: Calm down, Elena, it is going to be alright. Do not be scared, I am not going to kill you.
Elena: Then They're probably already looking for me. Please, I'm sure they'll give you lots of money.
Zaham: Not so fast, Elena. They are consequences to everything. People deserve some punishment for wrongdoings, you are old enough to understand, right?

Elena: No, please! I swear I won't tell anybody. Please don't hurt me...
Zaham: I am sorry Elena, but rules are rules. I think the drug is about to take effect right about now. When you wake up, do not be alarmed. It will be over before you know it.
Elena: No! I'm begging you, plea--

Zaham: Guards.
(Guards): Yes sir!

(A few hours later)
Zaham: Ah, so you have finally woken up.
Elena: ...Uhnn...where...where am I?
Zaham: Begin.
(Guards): Yes sir!
Zaham: This is a pleasure/pain device. It is used to break the will to resist intercourse. Enjoy.

(Elena's screams fill the room as she is being sexually tortured. Eventually she loses conscience again.)

Zaham: Elena.
Elena: Mmm...huh?
Zaham: I am sorry Elena, this is my way of punishing our enemies. I let them know who is the king.
Elena: Ahh! No! Don't...please don't...

Elena: Uhnn!
Zaham: Whenever you have sex with your future husband, you will remember me Elena.

Zaham: I have fucked many women in my life Elena, but you have a very tight vessel.
Elena: Ahhh!

Zaham: Worship my cock, Elena. Show me that you have learned your lesson.
Elena: Mmmph...

Zaham: Take it Elena, take it.
Elena: Ahhh! Please, no more!

(Few hours later)
Zaham: It has been a full day, Elena. Why has Interpol not tried to find you yet?
Elena: ...
Zaham: You had better hope they come looking for you, Elena.

(Hours later)
Zaham: So "Elena", or should I say, Lucia. 
(Cocks pistol)
Lucia: Mmmph!
Zaham: Your little story seemed to have backfired. Did you really think you could fool us forever?
Lucia: Mmmph!
Zaham: Lucia Mariano. How much did they pay you? Was it worth it? Well, guess it was not worth it in the end, huh?
Lucia: MMMPH!
Zaham: Ungag her. I want to hear her beg pitifully for her life.

Lucia: Please! Please don't kill me! I lied about Interpol...and I'm sorry. But I didn't lie about my fiance, please I have a brother and sister, and I'm only 24. I don't know any fighting skills, I'm not a real spy...I just needed some extra money and they told me it was going to be easy, just taking pictures and stuff. I don't know anything! Please...oh my God...don't kill me!
Zaham: That was pathetic. I have heard many people beg for their life, Lucia. And yours was one of the worst. Close your eyes, Lucia. I am going to count to 10.

Lucia: NO! Oh God no! I...
Zaham: One.
Lucia: I'll do anything...
Zaham: Two.
Lucia: I'll be your slave, master! I...
Zaham: Three.
Lucia: I want to suck your cock...I want to suck it dry.
Zaham: Four.
Lucia: No, please! I'm begging you!
(Guard): Sir, there is someone who urgently wants to talk to you. He says it's about the spy.
Zaham: *Sigh*. (Picks up cell phone) Hello. Yes...I see. How much? No, that is not enough. Fifty grand minimum. Okay, bye.
Lucia: ...Please, master...
Zaham: You are in luck. A client is willing to pay to spend some time with you.
Lucia: What? Oh thank you! Thank you!
Zaham: Guards, get her ready.
(Guards): Yes sir!

(An hour later)
Bill: Why hello there pretty! I'm gonna have some good times with you!
Lucia: No! Oh God...

Bill: I paid good money for you, now be a good girl and squeeze that pussy for me!
Lucia: Ahh!

Bill: Hahaha! This is amazing, feel my balls slap against your ass!
Lucia: Oh God no more...

Lucia: No! Not in there!
Bill: Shut up bitch, I own you!
Lucia: AHH!

Bill: Suck my balls slut, and be good about it. I might let you live a bit longer if you can get my rocks off again.
Lucia: Mmmph...

Bill: End of the line, Miss. The boss is coming to whack you.
Lucia: No, please! Don't let him kill me! Take me in, as your slave!
Bill: That's going to cost a lot more money, girl. And I think I've gotten all I wanted out of you.
Lucia: No! Wait!

Lucia: I can do better! I...I used to be a gymnast so I'm really flexible. Please, take me in!
Bill: Well...alright. I'll give you a test. If you can orally prove to me you're worth my time and money, I'll buy you out.
Lucia: Oh thank you sir! Thank you!
Bill: Now show me what you can do with your mouth. You got ten minutes.

Lucia: Mmmph...
Bill: Is that the best you can do? You think I've never had a blowjob before?

Lucia: Gggrhh!
Bill: Oh yeah, that's more like it. Suck it with your throat. Ohhh...OHHH...

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